Arlington Schools Reunion 2009

A gathering of Arlington Eagles occurred July 11, 2009 (reception 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM, dinner & dance 7:00 PM — 11:00 PM) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Arlington Schools in Atlanta (Ben Hill). The reunion was held at the Renaissance Waverly in NW Atlanta (inside the perimeter where I–75 crosses I–285; across from Cumberland Mall).

The cost was $70 per person, which covered dinner and dancing (registration now closed). We had a block of rooms for Friday and Saturday night at $109 per night for those who wanted to stay at the Waverly.

The reunion was for those Eagles who experienced the "old school" in Ben Hill. All students who attended the original school (whether graduates or not) in Ben Hill and all teachers, administrators, and Members of the Board connected with Arlington in Ben Hill were invited. Parents were also welcome.

2009 Arlington Schools Reunion List of Attendees

  1. Allen, Hugh
  2. Allen, Laurel
  3. Amon, Paul and Martha Joy (Allen)
  4. Anderson, Cheryl (Braselton)
  5. Avery, Phil and Cynthia Hollen
  6. Bailey–Shelnutt, Debbie
  7. Baity, Pam and Jerry Wheeler
  8. Barron, Van
  9. Berggren, Cathy (Crist)
  10. Blankenship, Kim (Hirt)
  11. Bretherton, JaRita (Richardson) and Bob
  12. Burns, Michael
  13. Byers, Patricia (Prescott)
  14. Cagle, Doug
  15. Calloway, Andrew and guest
  16. Calloway, Carolyn
  17. Cannady, Barbara
  18. Ciccanesi, Pete
  19. Crist, Janine
  20. Crist, John
  21. Crist, Jolly
  22. Crumbley, Bill and Virginia
  23. Darby, Jenny (Vickers)
  24. Dotson, Bob
  25. Ferguson, Linda
  26. Field, Ted
  27. Gillespie, Julie (Presley)
  28. Goodman, Robert
  29. Graham, Mark and Kimberly
  30. Gregory, Cheryl (Jones)
  1. Henley, Betty
  2. Henley, Natalie
  3. Jessup, Andy and Paula
  4. Jocoy, Kurt and Carol
  5. Johnson, Anell (Walker) and Harry
  6. Johnson, Judy (Patton)
  7. Kennedy, Cathy (Henley)
  8. Kasilus, Martha and guest
  9. Ketchum, Ellen (Hudson) and guest
  10. King, Sarah (Dunn)
  11. Lanham, Nick
  12. Lawrence, Alicia (Black) and David Scott
  13. Lawrence, John and Sandra (Brownlee)
  14. Lawton, Celia (Stewart)
  15. Lee, Frances (Samples) and Tim
  16. Little, John and Janet
  17. Lopez, Jose and Amy (Leake)
  18. Lyon, Ginger
  19. Lyon, Marianne
  20. Marchman, Kerry
  21. Mashburn, Walter
  22. McClain, Randy
  23. McMurrey, Janice (Steinmetz)
  24. McNash, Doug
  25. Millirons, Chuck
  26. Mitas, Jack
  27. Mitas, Jim and Cheryl
  28. Mitcham, Tom and Katy Shin
  29. Moore, Lawrence and guest
  30. Nelms, Stephen and Linda
  1. Northcutt, Diana (Roberts) and Bert
  2. Paradice, David and Cheri
  3. Pardee, Donald
  4. Patton, Kathy
  5. Pitts, Becky (Laird) and Danny
  6. Pitts, Bo
  7. Prescott, Connie
  8. Presley, Carol
  9. Quinn, Wayne
  10. Ratzel, Leah (Hudson)
  11. Reeve, Brooke and Amanda (Stewart)
  12. Ritch, Lane (Newell) and Jeff
  13. Saunders, David and Marilyn (Murray)
  14. Smith, Baker and Debby
  15. Sovereign, Melissa (Lee)
  16. Speight, Amos and Marian (Granger)
  17. Stewart, David
  18. Stillerman, Jim and Pam
  19. Stoakes, James and Jane (Stillerman)
  20. Stoeckig, Mark
  21. Stroup, David
  22. Sturman, John
  23. Taylor, Billy
  24. Taylor, Ralph
  25. Transue, Mary (Dickson)
  26. Upchurch, Bonnie Sue (McNash) and Fred
  27. Varner, Terry (McGriff)
  28. Veal, Ann (Williams) and guest
  29. Wilkerson, Lee and Cindy
  30. Woodard, Edie (Hudson)

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